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Profile of Ranunculus

  • Origin: East Europe, North Africa, East Africa, South Asia, West Asia
  • Flowering period: May to July (summer)
  • Diversity of varieties: over 400 species
  • Further names: Buttercup, crowfoot
  • Flowers of similar shape: Dahlia, carnation, peony

The Ranunculus from East Europe, North Africa, East Africa, South Asia and West Asia delights us in nature with practically all colours, such as white, pink, yellow or orange flowers, that can be admired in the time from May to July. There are over 400 different varieties of this flower, which is also known under the names buttercup or crowfoot. Often, the ranunculus belonging to the family Ranunculoideae is combined with stylish amaryllis, gerberas and tulips in floral arrangements.

In our online shop, just as in nature, we value a wide range of colours and sizes. The high-quality artificial flowers are available not only as a flowering branch, but also as a bouquet or floral arrangement. Thanks to their natural look and bendable stem, you can use the artficial ranunculus for various decoration projects e.g. in combination with real flowers or as an artificial flower for putting into arrangements. Let your creativity run free with our artificial ranunculus!