Artificial hydrangea


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Profile of Hydrangea

  • Origin: East Asia
  • Flowering period: May to July (summer)
  • Diversity of varieties: over 70 species
  • Further names: Hortensia
  • Flowers of similar shape: Agapanthus, hogweed, geranium

The Hydrangea from East Asia delights us in nature with white, blue, green, dark pink and violet colours during its flowering period from May to July. There are over 70 different varieties of this flower, which is also often called hortensia. Often, the hydrangea is combined with elegant roses, sweet peas or chrysanthemums in floral arrangements.

In our online shop you will find the artificial hydrangea, as well as in nature, in different colours and sizes. The high-quality artificial flower is available not only as a flowering branch, but also in a decorative pot or floral arrangement. Thanks to their bendable stem and natural look, our artficial branches of hydrangea can be combined with real or artificial flowers for various decoration projects.