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Profile of Begonia

  • Origin: South America
  • Flowering period: Mai to September (summer)
  • Diversity of varieties: over 1400 species
  • Plant family: Begoniaceae
  • Flowers of similar shape: Azalea, fuchsia, bergenia

The Begonia from South America delights us with light pink, white, red and orange flowers. The whole colour splendour of the begonia can be admired in nature from May to September. There are 800 different species and 1400 differente varieties of the flowering plant. In bouquets and floral arrangements, the begonia is often combined with pretty impatiens and ivy.

In our online shop, just as in nature, we value a wide range of colours and sizes. The high-quality artificial flowers are both available on a spike and as a flowering branch. Thanks to its natural look, you can use the artficial begonia for various decoration projects e.g. in combination with real flowers or as an artificial flower for arrangements. Let your creativity run free with our artificial begonias!