Artificial Cherry laurel spray KAMIRAN, fruits, hardly inflammable, 18"/45cm | SKU 33757

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The fake laurel spray KAMIRAN is characterised by a realistic appearance due to the leaves crafted in great detail in their typical shape along with the branches in lifelike design. The artificial spray measures approx. 18"/45 cm   in length and is equipped with fire-retardant properties.



Artificial spray KAMIRAN in an aesthetic look / B1-equipped

  • Total length approx. 18"/45 cm, total width approx. 14"/35 cm
  • Consists of approx. 70 leaves crafted from textile fibre in lifelike shades of green with fine texture on detailed branches in green
  • B1 flame-resistant
  • The artificial branch KAMIRAN will fit well e.g. into a vase in combination with other branches in restaurants, on the counter of theatres, or also ideal for complementing individual tree decorations at stage performances
Additional Information

Additional Information

Product nameKAMIRAN
Fixationon stem
Height / Length (cm)45
Other nameslaurel tree, lauraceae, laurus nobilis, bay laurel, sweet bay, bay, laurel
Weight (kg)0.0550
Storage location 1B4-7-3
Created at7 Jul 2012
product typebranch
featuresflame retardant, with fruits, Zimmerpflanze
Minimum Order Quantityno
Packaging unit24

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